What should I check before order ZiiLock?

In order to fully enjoy the ZiiLock, please confirm your smartphone is iOS 10.0 / Android 6.0 or above. Make sure the Bluetooth is working properly.


What should I do after received ZiiLock?

Read the User’s Manual carefully once you received the lock. Please charge the lock for 30 minutes or until the indicate light turns green to make sure it is fully charged. Download ZiiLock from AppStore or Google Play. Follow the instruction In User’s Manual to bind your lock and fingerprint(s).


*Official Type-C cable must be used during charging.

*Any adaptor over 1A is not recommended to be used for charging (can be charged through laptop USB port).

*Close the fingerprint cover before charging, and do not operate the lock or the App during charging progress.

*Always turn on ‘Vibration alarm’ in your App, otherwise there will not be notifications.


What should I do when using the lock?

Make sure your App can be connected when you are away from your lock. And always close the fingerprint cover and the waterproof cover after locking to prevent water or dust.


Where should I keep my keys?

It is recommended to keep one key with you while you are riding outdoor, just in case your fingerprint cannot be recognized or your phone runs out of power by accident.


What if the Bluetooth of my phone does not recognize the lock?

The Bluetooth of the lock is automatically turned off. Put your finger on the fingerprint reader for 5 seconds can activate Bluetooth.


What if the App shows lock already bound or needs authorization code?

Contact ZiiLock service team at support@ziilock.com, we will resolve the problem for you. For safety concerns, every customer must provide registered email address and MAC code (on the User’s Manual or in SETTINGS of the App) to identify the lock belongs to the correct purchaser.